Criminal Law

Criminal Law

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  • 8 September 2021

“Criminal law is the section of public law that studies the concepts of crime and punishment. It is divided into two as general and special criminal law.”

Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law is one of the areas of expertise of ATD Law Firm, which has been operating for more than 3 generations, and which has become one of the distinguished law firms in this field. Our lawyers, who are experts in their fields, provide all kinds of legal support to their clients in criminal cases and prosecution investigations, especially in the Heavy Penal Court, Criminal Courts of Peace and Criminal Courts of First Instance, regarding the types of crimes within the scope of other legislation, especially the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237.

It should be emphasized that all kinds of legal remedies are carefully used and meticulously followed against the decisions taken as a result of the procedures regarding the protection measures taken during the scope of the investigation carried out regarding these areas.Because Criminal Law sanctions directly interfere with personal rights and freedoms, clients are provided with all kinds of legal information and support in this process, with respect of human rights and freedoms and values adopted against the decisions made during the investigation and prosecution process.

In the framework of all these issues, although victim-offender mediation is also a tool for the protection of individual rights and freedoms, ATD Law Office values the principles of the restorative justice system with mediation service before the judicial organs in the process of eliminating the damages caused by the acts subject to the crime by both parties and eliminating the damage of the crime.

ATD Law Firm, with its expert staff and years of experience in the field of criminal law; in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, it carefully monitors the changes in the legislation and execution law in every process and provides a result-oriented and effective service to its clients at each stage. In this respect, execution postponement and follow-up procedures are carried out in a healthy and careful manner by our criminal lawyers who are well versed in the law of execution.

In case of violation of rights and freedoms, the client is successfully represented in practice with a professional approach in all legal matters in the field of Criminal Law, including the scope of the right to a fair trial, by applying to the European Court of Human Rights after the individual application to the Constitutional Court is exhausted.