Administrative and Tax Law

Administrative and Tax Law

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  • 1 September 2021

ATD HUKUK takes over the legal problems of its clients and conducts the proxy relationship with a result-oriented approach.

Sectoral diversity boosting in line with the the evolving economic system, alongside with the globalized world and an ever more prevalent liberal economy have led to the rapid withdrawal of state capital from the economic field around the world, especially the recent sectoral crises in the customs, banking and capital markets, caused the state and other public administrations to be more stringent for the control of the activities of the private sector in the economic field. This has resulted in the emergence of new administrative mechanisms supervising the economic activities of the private sector.

What is Tax Law?

Tax Law is one of the branches of public law. Tax Law generally deals with the tax relationship and tax liabilities between the state and citizens. In disputes that may arise in these matters, the “Tax Procedure Law No. 213” is basically applied.

Pursuant to Article 73 of the Constitution, “Everyone is obliged to pay taxes according to their financial power in order to meet public expenditures.” Therefore, “tax liability” is one of the primary obligations of the individual to the state. However, some problems may arise during or after the fulfillment of this obligation. At this point, it is necessary to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals against the state, especially the “right of property” which is the most related right with tax law.

  • What are the services provided by our office in the field of Tax Law?

With our years of experience as ATD Law Office, the result has been achieved by meticulously following the process in terms of various files in the field of tax law. Currently, file follow-up continues within the scope of tax law within our office.

As ATD Law Office, we provide these legal services:

  • Actions for cancellation of tax/penalty notices,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from Customs and International Trade law legislation,
  • Defense attorney in tax crimes and penalties,
  • Actions for annulment regarding disguised capital, disguised profit distribution through transfer pricing,
  • Actions for cancellation of payment order,
  • Legal advice on tax liabilities of company partners
  • Actions for cancellation of value added tax made with the claim of issuing or using false or misleading documents due to their content,
  • Actions for cancellation of seizure, e-lien, precautionary attachment and precautionary accrual and sale transaction,
  • Actions for the annulment of taxes and penalties accrued on the declarations submitted with reservation,
  • Cases for the return of title deed fees and exemption taxes and payments in the urban transformation,
  • Cancellation cases regarding value added tax assessments made due to failure to submit the books and/or documents for examination,
  • Actions for annulment to be filed against refusal or implied refusal procedures established upon a correction-complaint application,
  • Actions for the cancellation of payment orders and foreclosures and sales transactions established on behalf of the legal representatives and partners of the companies,
  • Lawsuits to be filed against general and special irregularity penalties,
  • Criminal cases related to tax evasion offenses such as cheating in bookkeeping, using or editing false or misleading documents in terms of content,
  • Issuing a tax identification number for foreigners,
  • All kinds of legal processes regarding Tax Law are carried out meticulously by our office, including objections and lawsuits regarding tax and penal sanctions arising from customs legislation.