Competition Law

Competition Law

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  • 8 September 2021

Competition Law is a branch of law that regulates the anti-competitive behavior of companies or individuals that support and aim to maintain a free-market economy.

The purpose of competition law is a branch of law that prevents agreements that prevent, distort or restrict competition in the goods and services markets, or the abuse of dominance by the undertakings that dominate the market and makes arrangements for this.

In this branch of law, which is very important especially in developed countries, examinations and inspections are carried out by the Competition Authority in our country as well. Our law firm provides consultancy services based on the examinations and audits carried out by the competition board. In addition, trainings on compliance with competition are provided within our law firm, and symposiums and events are organized.

The Competition Authority also conducts investigations on mergers and acquisitions, and within ATD Law, mergers and acquisitions processes are followed, providing consultancy and litigation services as a basis for the Competition Authority’s review and directing all processes.